Seniors celebrated at AVID Recognition Ceremony

Seniors celebrated at AVID Recognition Ceremony
2024 AVID Senior Recognition Ceremony

Last night was the AVID Senior Recognition Ceremony, a beautiful send-off for our graduating seniors.  This incredible event celebrated our scholars’ hard work and dedication as they recognized important staff members and announced their future college plans. We're beyond proud to share that every AVID senior was accepted to a four-year university!


A few highlights from this year’s program:

- Over $1 Million in scholarships collectively awarded for next year!

- 3 Dell Scholarship winners ($20,000, plus a laptop and mentor)

- 3 Wallin Scholarship winners ($16,000, plus a mentor)

- 1 Wallin-Mortenson Scholarship winner ($30,000 full-ride, plus a mentor)

- 1 Dease Scholarship winner (a full-ride scholarship to the University of St. Thomas)


Congratulations to all our seniors! Your achievements are an inspiration, and we can't wait to see all the amazing things you'll accomplish.