Student Voice: Elliot Berman

Portrait photo of Elliot Berman.

Elliot Berman is a major advocate for the Hopkins student body. As Chair of the Hopkins School Board Student Representative Program, he is responsible for providing input and sharing the student perspective on important matters.

“Hopkins has a large and diverse student body, we need as much representation as possible in positions of decision making and in spaces that can influence those decisions,” he said.

When he isn't in the boardroom; Berman spends his time with organizations like the Hopkins Swim & Dive team, Gender Sexuality Alliance club, and the Hopkins-Minnetonka Recreation Services board. Next year, he plans to study political science but has yet to decide where.

Q: Why is Student Voice important?
A: The way to start helping, supporting, and providing for us students starts with listening to what we have to say. We know what we’re going through when others only have a glimpse. It’s important for leaders to understand how much we can grow if they take the time to listen.

Q: How have you used your Student Voice?
A: As a queer student, it is important that my entire community feels safe and sound. At Hopkins, I've advocated for more inclusive policies and infrastructure in our buildings to make sure everyone’s basic needs are met.

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