AP Exam Registration Window

The registration window is open for scholars who wish to take an AP exam who:

  • Are enrolled in a Hopkins AP class that started during term 1, (including alternate day classes, or 
  • Any scholar wishing to take an AP exam by independently studying for it without taking the class this year.  

Scholars enrolled in an AP course at Hopkins that starts either in term 2 or term 3 do not need to enroll during this fall registration window. There is another registration window open for two weeks in February 2022 for these courses. However, scholars in these courses are allowed to register for these AP exams now if they want to get it out of the way.

Registration and payment is done entirely through TotalRegistration.net. Cost is $75/exam or $22/exam (students who qualify for free or reduced lunch) with a one-time $2 processing fee. If payment is not received by October 1, a $40/exam late fee will be applied. Exam fees are non-refundable.


Questions, contact Kelly Tennison at kelly.tennison@hopkinsschools.org or Kara Levahn at kara.levahn@hopkinsschools.org.