Counseling services that strengthen the personal growth, academic achievement, and future goals of our scholars.

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The Hopkins High School Counselors provide support to students and families by promoting academic achievement, college and career planning, and personal/social development. Students are assigned to a counselor according to last name and work with the same counselor during all three years at the high school. 

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Portrait photo of Denise Nohlquist.

Denise Nohlquist

11th grade A-K
12th grade A-Ce

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Portrait photo of Janelle Gillis.

Janelle Gillis

10th grade A-K
12th grade L-N

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Portrait photo of Michelle Kuhl.

Michelle Kuhl

College & Career Readiness Coordinator

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Portrait photo of Linda Litweiler.

Linda Litweiler

11th grade L-Z 
12th grade H-K

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Portrait photo of Dana Baker.

Dana Baker

9th grade A-K
12th grade Ch-G

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Portrait photo of Kathryn Nelson.

Kathryn Nelson


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Portrait photo of Rachel Nelson.

Rachel Nelson

10th grade L-Z
12th grade Sn-Z

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Portrait photo of Jeff Matchette.

Jeff Matchette

9th grade L-Z
12th grade O-Sm

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A Hopkins High School graduate successfully completes 54 credits in Grades 9-12 (subject to change, see your counselor for current information). Specific course requirements vary depending on graduation year.

Credit Breakdown by Department
Language Arts (8 Credits) English 9 2
American Literature 2
Global Literature 1
Writing 1
Language Arts Electives 2
Social Studies (8 Credits) Civics 9 2
U.S. History 2
World Studies 2
Social Studies Electives 2
Mathematics (6 Credits) Geometry 2
Algebra 2 2
Math Electives 2
Sciences (6 Credits) Science 9 2
Biology 2
Chemistry of Physics 2
Health Science (1.5 Credits) Health Science 1
Physical Education (2 Credits) Physical Education 9 1
PE 10 Personal Fitness 1
Financial Literacy (1 Credit) Personal Finance 1
Fine Arts (2 Credits) Art or Music courses 2
World Language (none required) (any language) none
General Electives (All Electives) 20
Total Credits Required for Graduation 54
Hopkins High School graduation requirements may not meet your college's admission requirements.

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Your Hopkins High School transcript is the legal record or proof of your high school education. It is often one of the required pieces of information when you apply to college or for a job.

Transcript forms are below. 

Note: For those who choose to pick up their transcripts in person or request that they be mailed to themselves, please note that in order for the transcript to remain official, it must be kept in the sealed envelope.

If you wish to request a duplicate diploma, please email Dr. Michelle Kuhl at

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Direct Admission Pilot 

Hopkins is one of a few high schools that has a Direct Admission partnership, which guarantees placement to hundreds of participating colleges and universities for Hopkins seniors who are on track to graduate. This program not only offers students more choices, but it also takes the stress out of applying for college and worrying that you may not get accepted. If you have questions about how this program works, contact Dr. Michelle Kuhl, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, at

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