Providing counseling services and outreach that strengthen the personal growth, academic achievement, and future goals of our scholars.

The Hopkins High School Counselors provide support to students and families by promoting academic achievement, college and career planning, and personal/social development. Students are assigned to a counselor according to last name and work with the same counselor during all three years at the high school. 

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Everything you need to know about planning for post graduation!

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Usually the most overwhelming thing about this whole process is not knowing when to do what. We have tried to put the most important things in a checklist for you to use throughout your years at HHS. We hope you find it helpful.


A Hopkins High School graduate successfully completes 54 credits in Grades 9-12 (subject to change, see your counselor for current information). Specific course requirements vary depending on graduation year.

Credit Breakdown by Department
Language Arts (8 Credits) English 9 2
American Literature 2
Global Literature 1
Writing 1
Language Arts Electives 2
Social Studies (8 Credits) Civics 9 2
U.S. History 2
World Studies 2
Social Studies Electives 2
Mathematics (6 Credits) Geometry 2
Algebra 2 2
Math Electives 2
Sciences (6 Credits) Science 9 2
Biology 2
Chemistry of Physics 2
Health Science (1.5 Credits) Health Science 1
Physical Education (2 Credits) Physical Education 9 1
PE 10 Personal Fitness 1
Financial Literacy (1 Credit) Personal Finance 1
Fine Arts (2 Credits) Art or Music courses 2
World Language (none required) (any language) none
General Electives (All Electives) 20
Total Credits Required for Graduation 54
Hopkins High School graduation requirements may not meet your college's admission requirements.


The HHS counselors provide a broad range of academic advising support, including: assisting students who request a schedule change; helping students craft a long-term graduation plan; answering questions about which classes to register for; and creating a plan of action for students who are deficient on credits and/or in danger of not graduating. While students are ultimately responsible for ensuring that they register for and accumulate the credits needed to graduate, the counselors are here to support students who need help.

Summer School

The high school summer school program through the alternative learning community is an opportunity for students to complete credit for graduation requirements. The small class size provides students individualized instruction. Registration forms are available through the Counseling Office.  Counselor verification is required.

Registration and more information to come about summer school 2022.

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Your Hopkins High School transcript is the legal record or proof of your high school education. It is often one of the required pieces of information when you apply to college or for a job.

Transcript forms are below. 

Note: For those who choose to pick up their transcripts in person or request that they be mailed to themselves, please note that in order for the transcript to remain official, it must be kept in the sealed envelope.


Direct Admission Pilot 

Hopkins is one of a few high schools that has a Direct Admission partnership, which guarantees placement to hundreds of participating colleges and universities for Hopkins seniors who are on track to graduate. This program not only offers students more choices, but it also takes the stress out of applying for college and worrying that you may not get accepted. If you have questions about how this program works, contact Dr. Michelle Kuhl, College and Career Readiness Coordinator, at

College Rep Information for Students

Each year over 200 college admissions representatives visit the HHS College and Career Center (W130) to speak with interested students. Visits are scheduled during the day and typically last 30–45 minutes.

Students are welcome to meet with the college admissions representatives if they have permission and a hall pass from their teacher. Students should not miss important lectures, quizzes, or tests. If students can not attend the session, please visit the College and Career Center (CCC) after the meeting to pick up information left by the college representative.

Meetings are informal conversations among several students and the representative. During the meeting students will learn about academic programs, campus life, and the admissions process.

The college visit schedule is posted daily on the television monitor outside the CCC, and is also accessible on the HHS Naviance Family Connection website. 

College Fair Information

Over 100 Schools Will be Represented

When: Wednesday,  March 2nd
Who: All sophomores and juniors will attend and seniors who could benefit. 

The Counseling Department encourages students to be thoughtful in preparing for their time at the fair.  

In addition to the College Fair throughout the week, there will be a college buzz around Hopkins High School:

  • Students are encouraged to register for their barcodes in advance of the fair, do this anytime at
  • Throughout the week students and staff are encouraged to wear college gear
  •  Staff will also be sharing their college stories/experiences with students

College Info Resources

There are many resources available on the web that are designed to help students explore colleges, navigate the college application process, and search for information about financial aid and scholarships. Here are a few:

  • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid form is required to be completed if students wish to receive federal grants or government regulated loans.  This form is available online only. You may download a pdf file but it is highly recommended that the information be submitted online.

  • Reciprocity for students in Minnesota - Information on reduced out-of-state tuition options.

  • CSS Profile - CSS Profile information

  • FinAidInformation on financial aid for college and tips on how to help ease the burden of college expenses.

  • Financial Aid Loan Payment Calculator

Fall Post High School Planning PPT and Financing A College Education PPT


The Hopkins Naviance Student website contains a list of local, regional, and national scholarships, as well as a search tool for finding more. Students are encouraged to start with Naviance for their scholarship search. 

Please note the following:

  • Families seeking financial aid are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit for more information.
  • Nearly all colleges and universities offer scholarship monies. Contact colleges for specific details.

Access Naviance Student

Naviance Student is a web-based college and career planning website available to all HHS students. All students can access Naviance through Classlink.  Use your district username and password to sign into Classlink.

Features of the website include: 

  • College planning tools: College information pages, timelines and deadlines for the application process, and data about colleges and universities to which past HHS students have applied and been accepted.
  • Electronic transcript request form: Quickly and easily request transcripts online and track the progress of the transcripts.
  • Career planning: Interest inventory, job descriptions, and resume-building tools.

Local Scholarship Application

Each year, Hopkins seniors have the opportunity to fill out the Local Scholarship Application, which can qualify them for approximately 50 local scholarships awarded by community members and local organizations to Hopkins seniors. Awards range from $250 - $2000 and are based on a wide range of factors depending on the awarding individual or organization. To be considered, graduating seniors must complete the Hopkins High School Local Scholarship Application. Seniors will also be notified of the application's availability through the Monday announcements email.

List of 2021-2022 Local Scholarships

Scholarship Resources

Explore Options

Military Information

The military offers young adults the opportunity to:

  • Serve their country
  • Obtain job training
  • Pursue college course work
  • Obtain tuition assistance
  • Gain time to focus on future plans
  • Explore the world

To enlist in the military you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years old (parent permission for 17 years of age)
  • Be a high school graduate
  • Meet the physical requirements
  • Achieve qualifying scores on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery)
  • Must be a US citizen (legal aliens can work in certain job fields)

Study Abroad, Volunteer Experiences, and Worldwide Internship and Employment Options

The information listed below has been suggested by community members and graduates of Hopkins High School. The College and Career Center and Counseling staff do not endorse nor receive compensation for providing this list.

  • AFS Intercultural Programs Study Abroad
  • Youth for Understanding Study Abroad
  • Alexander Muss High School in Israel High School Study Abroad
  • Nacel Open Door Study Abroad
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Programs
  • Peace Corps
  • AmeriCorps
  • Habitat for Humanity


Continuing Education

Transition Plus is a joint program among the Hopkins, St. Louis Park, and Minnetonka school districts that works with young adults with disabilities, ages 18 to 21. Using the IEP team process, Transition Plus services help students achieve their goals by providing specialized instruction, training, and support.

Transition Plus



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